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Please carry out the following prior to delivery:
  • Please ensure that the area in which the inflatable is to be set up is clear of any hazards (toys, sharp objects, bricks, stones, garden waste, clothes lines etc)
  • We will not leave our inflatables in gardens where there are animal droppings as this constitutes a serious Health and Safety risk to ourselves and the children using it. If you have a dog or any other pets, please ensure the garden is completely clean before we arrive.
  • Please ensure the access route to the garden is completely clear (e.g. bins, recycling boxes, cars, bikes etc).
  • If access to the garden is gained through the house, please ensure the route is completely clear (toys, furniture etc) leaving us as much room to manoeuvre as possible.
  • Please let us know prior to delivery if the garden is difficult to access (e.g. narrow alleyway, stairs etc)

It is the responsibility of hirer to ensure that all possible steps are taken to avoid injury to users and damage to the inflatable. Please ensure that the following instructions are adhered to at all times:

  • No food, drink or chewing gum on or near the inflatable.
  • No children with face paint (including water soluble face paint), silly string, streamers or party poppers on or near the inflatable as these are very difficult to clean and can cause permanent staining. Failure to abide by these terms will result in the loss of your £50 deposit.
  • No-one over the specified age limit should use the inflatable as this can result in damage to the inflatable, serious injury and will invalidate the insurance.
  • Children must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times.
  • Climbing, hanging or sitting on walls is dangerous and must not be allowed.
  • Ensure the inflatable is not overcrowded, and limit numbers according to the age and size of children using it. If the children are colliding it is too crowded.
  • Do not allow large and small children to use the inflatable at the same time.
  • Always ensure children do not push, collide, fight or behave in a manner likely to injure or cause distress to others.
  • Do not allow anyone to bounce on the front safety. The step is there to assist users in getting on or off.
  • No smoking on or near the inflatable.
  • No barbecues near the inflatable.
  • All shoes, glasses, jewellery, badges must be removed before using the inflatable.
  • Do not allow anyone to be on the inflatable during inflation or deflation as this is dangerous.
  • No pets, toys or sharp instruments to be allowed on or near the inflatable.
  • No one with a history of back or neck problems is allowed on the inflatable as indeed anyone who is feeling unwell.
  • Ensure users do not attempt somersaults on the inflatable.
  • Ensure users are clothed appropriately and that nothing can fall out of their pockets.
  • Do not play around the entrance or exit of the inflatable.
  • Children using a bouncy castle should be no taller that the side walls.
  • The inflatable should not be used if it becomes wet. If no shower cover is fitted and in the event of rain, the inflatable should not be used. After rain the inflatable should be dried off with a towel before use resumes.
  • Do not allow water pistols or hosepipes on or near the inflatable. We expect the inflatable to be dry on collection (unless it is raining!)
  • Ensure that the vent on the side of the blower is kept clear at all times.
  • The inflatable will be secured with metal stakes, rope and/or sand bags. Please inspect the inflatable at regular intervals during use to ensure it remains fully secured at all times.
  • In the event of high winds the inflatable should not be used and the fan should be switched off immediately.
  • In the event that the fan stops working and/or the inflatable starts to deflate, please ensure all users get off the inflatable immediately. Check the plugs and fuses and make sure the fan tube or deflation tube/zip has not come undone or something has not blown onto and is obstructing the fan. If you are unable to locate the source of the problem please contact us immediately.
  • Keep children away from the fan and the electrical socket it is plugged into at all times.

If you want to cancel your booking please let us know as soon as possible. There is no cancellation charge as long as you let us know 4hrs before delivery.

Please note that all persons using our inflatable(s) do so at their own risk.
The person/organisation hiring the equipment will be responsible/liable for any damage or injury occurring from or as a result of misuse or reckless use
The above guidelines are for the safety of all people using our equipment, and it is the sole responsibility of the hirer to ensure they are adhered to. Our company cannot accept any responsibility for any injury caused to anyone using our equipment.

We are pleased to be supplying you with our equipment. Please sign this Hire Agreement to confirm your acceptance of our terms and conditions. If you wish to cancel your hire because you do not agree with any of our terms, please
contact us immediately and we will cancel your booking for you as equipment unfortunately cannot be hired out without your acceptance of our terms.
Bouncy Adventures will endeavour to arrive promptly to all bookings, however, on the VERY rare occasion due to high traffic volume, road works or other circumstances beyond our control we cannot guarantee 100% that we will arrive at the exact time requested.

1. You (the "Hirer") are responsible for injury or damage occurring whilst the equipment is on hire and you are strongly advised to take out Public Liability Insurance covering the use of our equipment whilst it is on hire to you.

2. You must ensure that there is adequate adult supervision at all times when the equipment is in use. The equipment cannot be left unattended and if hired overnight (with the permission of Bouncy Adventures), the equipment along with all accessories is to be stored indoors or in a secure private area.

3. The Hirer is responsible for safekeeping of the equipment and you will be charged for any damage caused to it or for any items missing from all equipment on its return.

4. Equipment returned in an unacceptable dirty condition will be subject to a cleaning charge of a minimum of £35.

5. Food, drink and pets are forbidden on all equipment.

6. Please ensure the delivery driver has free and easy access to erect onto a suitable area. If we arrive and there is insufficient space or the area is unsuitable (eg sloping or is unclean) full payment still has to be made.

7. Extra charges which may be applicable. If, when Bouncy Adventures staff arrive to deliver the equipment, the area to which the equipment is to be set up is difficult to get to or a fair distance away (examples include steps, lifts, small doorways/long corridors/long pathways and long walkways around property to gardens) and the hirer has explained in advance that there is easy access, Bouncy Adventures reserve the right to charge additional costs for the extra time and labour incurred.

8. If there any stairs on route that could restrict the delivery crew setting up/dismantling any party equipment hired (which consist of one or more flight of stairs with 10 or more steps each) this will incur an additional fee of £9.99

9. An additional fee of £19.99 will be charged for every 15 minutes incurred as a direct result of dealing with any of the following obstacles if they have not been mentioned at the time of booking: (stairs/furniture/washing lines/over-hanging branches/shrubs/bikes/prams etc)"

10. For safety reasons Bouncy Adventures reserve the right to cancel bookings if bad weather conditions leave us with no option but to do so. Alternatively, due to bad weather, you may call us with a minimum of 4 hours notice of expected arrival time to cancel the equipment. There will be no charge to you for cancellations under these circumstances. If, however, you do not cancel beforehand and the equipment has already been delivered but cannot be used due to bad weather you will still be charged in full.

11. Bouncy Adventures also reserve the right to cancel any booking at any time if we feel that the hirer (or anyone connected to the hirer) is being abusive or disrespectful to a member of our staff or mistreating any of our equipment.

12. If less than 7 days notice is given for cancellation of any booking (apart from inflatables) the holding deposit fee will be charged (this is due to the equipment being reserved especially for you (the "Hirer") on your chosen day and therefore we have been unable to hire it to any other interested party). However, please note that any bookings (including inflatables) taking place between the months of October and February which are to be held outside will have to be paid in full in advance and are not subject to the usual refund conditions if the booking does not take place due to bad weather conditions. We strongly recommend that any bookings in these months are held inside because of general weather conditions at this time of year and we may insist upon cancellation ourselves on the day if the weather is thought to make safe play on the equipment dangerous.

13. Only our delivery driver is authorised to collect the equipment and under no circumstances should any of the equipment be handed over to anyone other than our delivery driver.



1. Bouncy Castles are strictly for children up to 11 years old unless otherwise stated . Any child taller than the inside wall is not permitted to use it. Unless in an emergency NO ADULTS should enter into the castle(s) as this may result in damage to the castle(s). Any damage will have to be paid for by the Hirer named in this agreement.

2. Children must remove their shoes before using the bouncy castle(s).

3. Children must be prevented from climbing up the walls/barriers of the castle(s) and somersaults must be avoided at all times.

4. No children who have been face-painted (including water soluble face paint) can use the equipment and absolutely no streamers or silly string are permitted near the equipment as this can also permanently stain. Sand and bouncy castles do not mix well together so please ensure that there are no sand/sandpits (in use) near the location of the castle. Failure to abide by these terms will result in the loss of your £50 Deposit.

5. Extreme caution is to be taken with extension cables and the electric blower.
THE BLOWER IS NOT TO BECOVERED WITH ANYTHING unless in heavy rain with our permission.

6. You (the Hirer) are responsible for ensuring that the sandbags/stakes used to hold the bouncy castle(s) down are not moved for ANY reason whatsoever.

7. The bouncy castle(s) must not be used in high wind or very bad weather.

8. Safety mats will be positioned adequately around the bouncy castle(s) by Bouncy Adventures when setting up. They must remain in the same position for obvious safety reasons at all times.


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